What is a Body Pillow?

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What is a Body Pillow?

Basically, a Body Pillow is bigger than the usual size of a pillow, which is long and narrow that is purporting to be supported between your legs as you rest on your side in the bed. The standard size of a body pillow is ("26 X 54") Inch. One of the biggest reasons to use this body pillow is to improve spinal alignment and it also helps in presser point problems. Body pillows help your mussels to loosen up while you are tired of an all-day routine and you are looking for more comfort or relaxation. One of the biggest advantages of a body pillow is that scientifically proven. These pillows help in spinal or solder arrangement on the bed. These body pillows are also very helpful for those people who are suffering from major back problems like back pain while goes on the bed.

Best for those people who actually want to know what is a body pillow? and how pillows are supporting his hips, back, and neck while they sleep. These body pillows are also helpful for those women who are in the period of pregnancy. That is the biggest support for those women because they carry a baby bum, which makes them tired or stressful.

What is body pillow

Advantages of Body Pillows.

  1. Sleeping in the wrong position or choosing the wrong size bedding accessories, mainly pillows, the problem of pressure point can arise. A body pillow can be revived you while you are suffering from a pressure point problem. That's why people should know about what is a body pillow? and how this thing makes your sleeping hours superior.
  2. People who are suffering from the problem of tossing and Turing in the bed. Here the body pillows play a most important role, to solve this tossing and Turing problem. you just hold your pillow tightly and makes yourself comfortable. It gives you a feel like a bed partner of you into your bed.
  3. People like to have a huge hug from his loved ones, at this time this body pillow makes you feel so much happy and protected. Just hold your body pillow in between your hands and legs in your bed. When folks are thinking of what is a body pillow? used in our daily life, then they should realize the significance of body pillow.

Different Types Of Body Pillows;

  1. I-shaped Pillow: I-shaped pillow helps you in supporting the knee, leg, and head also while in your bed.
  2. U-Shaped Pillow: U-shaped body pillow comes in U-curve which is perfect to support your arms and back from both right or left side. This U-Shaped body pillow is very useful for pregnant ladies.
  3. C-Shaped Pillow- C-Shaped pillows will also help you, supporting your knees or neck while sleeping.
  4. J-Shaped Pillow:  J-Shaped pillow make comfortable those who are suffering from snoring loudly problems.

Definition and types of body pillow

How to Wash Body Pillow or Can You Wash a Body Pillow

Well, we spend so much time of our life span in the bed. A body pillow is a part of our bedding accessories. While we come back to our bed after a long time with stress and headache, it helps us to get relax and calm down. We connect with it physically, emotionally. It is like a bed partner so, we should take care of it. We should keep it clean and refreshed. To make it clean you have to follow some instructions. Firstly, you have to follow the instruction given by the manufacturer, you will get them on the label that comes on a pillow. Once you decide to buy a body pillow firstly you may confirm What is a body pillow? and choosing the right pillow for you. Because no one wants to spend his relaxing hours, stressful or sleepless.

  1. USE A MILD-WARM OR TEMPERATURE WATER: When you just start washing your body pillow in a washing machine or by hand, make sure that water is not so hot or not so cooled. Try to use just temperature water and one of the most important things is that you do not add any other color drop clothes.
  2. USE A HIGH-QUALITY GENTLE DETERGENT: Make sure that the detergent you are using to wash your body pillow is more gentle or soft for your pillow. The detergent you are using should be free from hard chemicals because it can harm your fabric, fade your body pillow color, and make them shine-less.
  3. PROTECT FROM DIRECT SUNLIGHT: After washing your body pillow another important thing to do is drying your pillow. Avoid your body pillow from the direct sunlight because that also makes your pillow shine-less or faded.
I surely think that it is enough to understand what is a body pillow? and how relaxing it makes your day or night. It is also useful while you are traveling long distances anywhere. You can ask in the comment section or mail us at hello@aanyalinen.com we are always here to help you.

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  • The Purple Harmony Pillow is very comfortable! I like that it doesn’t seem to get too hot on warm nights and it doesn’t freeze on cold ones. It really helps me sleep – I fall asleep when I use this pillow much easier than when I don’t.

  • During the period of pregnancy, my husband has gifted this to me. It was amazing. It is used especially to balance the belly. It gives us a perfect shape so during hard nights we can sleep well.

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