What is a Bath Sheet

We all know what a bath towel is, right? They have been in use since the 19th century when bathing and bathing accessories became all the rage. Bath towels and bath sheets perform the same function, but What is a Bath Sheet? What makes it different?

What is a Bath Sheet

Bath Sheet

Most people consider it as an extra-large bath towel. That is just what it is when you compare them side to side. A bath sheet should measure at least 3 feet wide and have a length of around 5 feet. It can be wrapped around the whole body while one shaves or does other daily hygienic duties. A bath towel can do the same, and even be handy enough to wrap around wet hair. Sometimes it is just too big for some drying tasks. Women use bath sheets mostly as it covers the whole body.

Bath Towels

Normally a bath towel ranges from 27 inches by 52 inches although the dimensions vary depending on the maker.

What is a Bath Sheet Made of?

Both types of towels can be made with a variety of fabrics, such as silk (which is known to be smooth and lightweight), Egyptian cotton and Turkish cotton (due to their absorbent nature). There is a new trend of incorporating bamboo fibers into toweling, because not only is it absorbent, it is also eco-friendly, renewable and sustainable in the world eco industry.

There is a growing trend of having a luxury in the bath. Here is just something about the feel of a soft and luxurious towel as it wraps around your body after you leave the tub or shower. There is also the ease of use, for a bath sheet wraps around the body, avoiding those embarrassing gaps when the towel is too small to cover everything. It is also easier to tuck and keep in place until you can reach your dressing area.


So, what is a bath sheet? A bath sheet is basically an over large bath towel.  It is good because it provides coverage for the body after the bath and can avoid some embarrassing situations. It comes in all the textures and textiles as regular towels and is laundered and cared for in much the same way as regular toweling.

The only difference is having space in the linen closet. Since these towels are a good bit larger than the regular ones, they do take up more storage space. It is for that reason that most people use a combination of both bath sheets and bath towels. 

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