Standard vs Queen Pillow

There are two main role pillows perform in the bed. First, they support the neck of the sleeper and another one is the comfort of sleeper. It depends on the size and softness of the pillow. The wrong size, of the pillow, can reduce the level of comfort. Sometimes it depends on the preference of person but standard says that you should have the appropriate size of the pillow so it will reduce the level of chances of neck pain. According to your need, you can switch to a different type of pillow size. Here mainly we will talk about standard vs queen pillow.

Standard Vs Queen Pillow Comparison

A standard pillow is the smallest size of the pillow which is 20"×26" Inches in size and queen pillow is a bit longer than standard, it is 20"×30" Inches. Standard pillows are perfect for twin or double bed whereas queen pillows are perfect for double and queen size bed. The main difference between standard and queen pillow is 4 inches length.

The Standard Pillow Size

20"Inches wide and 26"inches long, the smallest size of pillow for a double and twin-sized bed. Two standard pillows are going to make a perfect couple on a Double bed. You can choose any one of them according to your need or the way you like to sleep.

The Queen Sized Pillow

Queen pillows are bit longer than standard pillows. It’s only 20" Inches wide and 30" inches long in size. They’re designed especially for a Queen bed so displaying two of them is going to be simply perfect for a Queen bed.

Getting a Queen size pillow is entirely up to you and there are many those who like the extra length of the pillow, even if they have Twin size or Double beds.

Here we are differentiating between standard vs queen pillow.


Standard Pillow

Queen Pillow


A standard pillow is the smallest type of pillows it’s used on twin size bed and double bed.

Queen Size pillow is larger than standard pillows it’s used on double bed and queen size bed.


20"Inche×26" Inches

20"Inche×30" Inches


Standard Pillow normally used on twin size and double size bed on use.

Queen Pillows used on double size bed and queen size bed on use.


Standard pillows are less popular than queen pillows.

Queen pillows are more popular than the standard size pillows.

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