How often do you wash your bedsheets? Or are you among those, who fear that washing bedsheets again and again would affect the fabric softness, colour, thereby, shortening the life of your sheet?


Truth is, if washed correctly, then the fabric and colour of your sheets will remain intact, and here are 5 simple basic tips you can follow.


Tip 1:  Don’t overload the washer

Make sure your washer is not overloaded with the sheets when you wash your sheets. It is best if you wash your coloured and white sheets separately, without rolling them up in a ball or tangled. This would result in better cleaning and lesser wrinkles.


Tip 2: Choose the right cycle and pre-wash stains

Check the care label of your sheet when you set the washer cycle. While cotton sheets are good to wash in any cycle, for other sheets you should opt for a normal / care cycle. If there are stains, preferably treat them before putting into the washer, instead of opting for a heavy cycle as overwashing damages the sheet fabric, and thisin turns reduces the overall life of the bedsheet.


Tip 3:  Choose the right detergent, and don’t forget the fabric softener

Though this might look quiet basic, but this is where most people err. While they spend hundreds of dollars while acquiring a bedsheet of their liking, they spend very little in maintenance. Opt for a quality brand, because cheap detergents can extract colour, softness and life out of your precious sheet in no time. The benefit of spending few dollars extra on the detergent and its softener would be seen when your sheet would stay as fresh as new with every wash. Fabric softeners are a must for any kind of clothing, but most of us forget this simple step while doing the simplest chore as washing.


Tip 4: Drying temperature is important

If you are washing in a fully automatic machine, keep the drying temperatures to low as high temperatures are not good for the fabric colour and softness. It is better to semi-dry your sheets in the dryer and then spread them in open air to dry. Once dried, you can steam iron them slightly to remove the wrinkles, as well as to retain the fabric softness.

If you follow these simple steps while washing, your sheets would have a longer shelf-life. 

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