How Long is Twin XL- A Twin XL, Twin Extra Long, is a mattress or bed frame size measuring Thirty-Nine inches, 39” (about 99 cm) in Width and Eighty Inches, 80”(about 203 cm) in Length. It requires an ideal bedroom size of a minimum of 7.16ft wide and 10.66ft long.  The Twin XL (Extra Long) is longer in Length than standard Twin.

How long is Twin XL?

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How long is Twin XL


There are different types and categories of mattresses and bed frames, with each having their own dimensions and sizes. Each of the types has its own implications and applications that are based on their structure and dimensions and therefore understanding the specific sizes and dimensions of the specified types is key understanding what mattresses would best suit your needs.

For instance, you might be looking for a bed and mattress for a child’s room; in this case, you would not get the same size as the one you would get for an adult.

It is also the same case that applies when you need a wider and longer size dimensions, shorter and wider, and all other dimensions. This article concentrates much on the size and dimensions of a Twin XL and compares it to other mattress sizes and dimensions. It can be used to refer to either the sizes and dimensions of a mattress or a bed frame.

How Long is Twin XL

There are several bedding sizes are available in the market like Twin XL, Twin Extra Long, is a mattress or bed frame size measuring thirty-nine inches, 39” (about 99 cm) in width and eighty inches, 80”(about 203 cm) in length. It requires an ideal bedroom size of a minimum of 7.16ft wide and 10.66ft long.

  • It is ideal for people who are taller compared to a standard Full/Double and the Twin size. However, its width can only take a single person as per the standards. It has some benefits compared to other sizes including;
  • It requires less space. A Twin XL is only longer but not wider as compared to other dimensions such as Twin and Full, and therefore, they take up a less overall space. In terms of the area, it takes up 3,120 square inches and therefore, it is suitable for narrower bedrooms.
  • It is long enough for taller sleepers due to its added length as compared to the other dimensions. It can accommodate anyone who stands at 6’7” or shorter as compared to a Full/Double, for example, which can take up only people who stand at 6’3” or shorter.
  • In terms of prices, the Twin Xl is cheaper than some other dimensions such as the Full/Double version.

However, the width of the Twin XL mattress is not suitable or friendly for a couple since the width, as stated above, can only take up one person. Having more than one person would be uncomfortable when turning or moving around the bed since it is not wide enough for that purpose. For this purpose, Twin Xl is applicable in cases of guest rooms, hostels, and dorms for students.

Twin XL vs Twin Dimensions

  • A Twin mattress also referred to as single, is a mattress with size dimensions of 38” (inches), or about 99 cm, in width and 75” (inches), or 191 cm, in length. It can be considered the smallest possible mattress size other than a crib size mattress.
  • The Twin is often referred to as a single bed which can be used with a twin underneath it; in this case, it is referred to as a triangle bed. When used against a wall with pillows and bolsters in guest rooms, it is referred to as a day bed. Due to its smaller length and width, it is applicable in any room sizes especially smaller rooms.
  • Looking at the width of the Twin mattress, it is clear that it is of the same width as the Twin XL. The difference lies in the length where the Twin XL is longer by about 5 inches than the Twin size mattress. This mattress is, therefore, shorter and narrow, and just like the Twin XL mattress, it can only take up just a single person who has to have a standard height of less than 6’3”.
  • Both the Twin and Twin XL mattresses are both easy to move around and cheaper; they cost the same in most cases. They have a recommended ideal space or area of 7’ x 10’ or 10’ x 10’ for two in the same room. Due to the specifications of Twin and Twin XL, they are both applicable in cases where day beds are used such as guest rooms, children or kids rooms, hostels and dorms for students.

Twin XL vs Full/Double

  • A Full-Size mattress or bed frame, also known Double, measures fifty-four inches, 54”, in width by seventy-four to seventy-five inches, 74” – 75”. It is wider than the Twin and Twin XL and therefore ideal for individual sleepers who prefer a wider sleeping space. For this reason, they can be used in hotels and motels, healthcare facilities, college dorms, and other commercial bases.
  •  Just like the Twin size, the Full/Double size is also five inches (5”) shorter than the standard Twin XLbut wider with about sixteen inches (16”) and therefore not suitable for taller people; above 6’3” in height.
  • Despite its wideness, a couple may sleep it, but it is not suitable. Instead, it is appropriate for individuals who may feel that the Twin and Twin XL sizes are narrower in terms of width. It is also quite expensive than the Twin and Twin XL dimensions. Its wideness requires a larger space than the Twin XL, precisely an ideal space of minimum width of 8.5ft and 10.25ft in length.

Twin XL vs Queen Sizes and Dimensions

  • A standard Queen, or King, size measures sixty inches (60”) in width and eighty inches (80”) in length. As compared to the Twin Xl and the other dimensions, a standard Queen is wide enough for a couple where everyone gets about thirty inches (30”) to themselves, and also long enough for even taller people.
  • For this reason, it is the most popular size. On average, it is about twenty-two inches (22”) wider than the Twin XL size and therefore requires much more space than even the Full/Double size mattresses and bed frames.
  • The Queen, or king, size mattresses and bed frames are consequently applicable in master bedrooms for couples and also accommodation and guest rooms that are designed to house a couple or a group of two.


Conclusion For How Long is Twin XL

A Twin XL is a dimension of mattresses and a bed frame that is ideal for taller sleepers but a narrow one to accommodate a couple. Its size dimensions are thirty-nine inches, 39”, (about 99 cm) in width and eighty inches, 80”, (about 203 cm) in length and therefore, requires an ideal bedroom size of a minimum of 7.16ft wide and 10.66ft long. For this purpose, its application areas include hostels and dorms, kids’ rooms and areas with day bed services such as guest rooms.

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