Difference Between a King and California King

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Difference Between a King and California King

Difference Between a King and California King

Asking the question difference between a King and California King is often met with a shrugged shoulder response. Many lack the understanding of what is a King or Cal King, the difference, or similarities. Since we have these options, one may ask which is roomier for my spouse and me. Which is longer? Why should I choose the King over the Cal?

Difference Between a King and California King?

The difference in both mattresses has different dimensions. A King, which is a regular-sized mattress, is 76 inches and 80 inches wide. However, the Cal King is 72" x 84". This measurement shows that the King sized mattress is the widest mattress one may purchase with the Cal King is the longest.

How to Choose the Best Mattress:-

Depending on your height or weight, you can choose the best mattress for your bedroom. Of course, the Cal and King are not without their Pros and Cons.

The Recommended Room Sizes:-

Important to note is the regular King requires the room space of ten inches by 12 inches- and 12 inches by 13 inches. Understand that your room has to be big, especially if you have other bedroom furniture. Keep in mind that the King is not a small bed. So moving the bed around will be quite challenging.

California King:-

First of all I will tell you that Cal stands for California here. Many persons believe the Cal King is bigger than the King, but the Cal is for a longer bed. So if you are taller or your mate is taller than the Cal King is better suited. The Pros and Cons of the Cal is noteworthy, especially if you are about to purchase a King or Cal King bed.

Pros of California King:-

  • Better bed for taller persons
  • Extra room space

Cons for California King:-

  • This Cal King bed is as heavy as the King
  • The Cal King bed set is expensive
  • Not as wide as the King

Size of the California King:-

By now, you would realize what is the difference between a King and California King? The California King is longer than the King, but the King is wider than the California king. There is less space to move around on the bed, but there is a lot of legroom. Sleep is guaranteed once you choose a mattress with motion transfer and control. The reality is, with the Cal, you have 4' lesson the width of the mattress. However, if you love to cuddle, you will enjoy the Cal. In terms of comfort, this bed is comfortable; there is ample foot space for a tall spouse or lover. Another attribute of the Cal is it comes in the split size version. The bed can be split and accommodated with two twin size mattresses.

The bed can go into different rooms or the same room, as two single beds. Another major challenge with the Cal is its accessories, which are usually difficult to put your hands on because they are not your regular sized King. Getting frames, sheets, fitted sheets, and comforters or even box springs are not without its challenges. Apart from locating the accessories, they are way more expensive than the King. The recommended size for the Cal is 12 inches by 12 inches – 14 inches by 12 inches, Preference given to a larger bedroom space, especially if there are other bedroom furniture in the bedroom.


The King" is a King-sized bed. It is also known as the 'Eastern King'. The King-sized bed is a standard King-sized and carries a mattress 76 inches wide and 80 long inches and has a total surface area of 6080 square inches. The bed is an excellent buy for couples. The California King or the 'Western King' as is fondly called is 72 inches wide and 84 inches long with a total square inch of 6048. The difference with the Cal King is the additional inches in length as compared to the King that has an additional 4 inches in width.

One question consumers may have is the size and the effect on their pockets. The answer is base on your length and width, and if you are an average size sleeper, then the size of the bed may not necessarily affect you. However, if you are big and bulky, like a true King, your choice of bed becomes a big deal. For tall "Kingly" persons, your nest buy is a Cal King sized bed. For more room to host slumber parties or let the kids sleepover from time to time, you should opt for a King-sized bed. Moreover, there will not be a space issue in bed because of the amount of space the King bed has.

Some Pros of the King are as Follows:-

  • Plenty sleeping room for couples
  • A better choice for persons of plus size
  • These sets are easy to locate

Cons of the King are:-

  • Quite a solid bed difficult to move
  • More in the inexpensive range
  • Excellent for weightier persons, this bed is not the best choice for taller persons.

Comfort is a plus with this type of King bed, sharing your sleep space on a King is an enjoyable experience. For a partner who tosses and turns during the night, the King is the ideal bed. The King is wide enough so that you and your partner can have a good night's rest. Shopping for accessories is less of a hassle with the King. It is easy to find accessories for your King. The bed sheet size is bought at any store as well as top sheets, fitted and, comforters sets at a friendly budget.

Which is Larger King or Cal King?

Persons may say the Cal King is a carries a bigger mattress than the King. The surface area on the King, as mentioned before, has more space than the Cal. One would assume its second-place base on the placement as on bed size charts. The Cal King is smaller than the King. There are some differences with mattress type, room size, and price.

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