Bed skirts are considered important decorative pieces in the decoration of your bedroom. They perform various functions. From protecting your bedroom from dust accumulation under the bed to concealing imperfections in your bed base and decorating with the style that distinguishes your personality. The designers of the Aanya Linen brand work intensely to innovate in design and comfort in every one of the bedding collections. For bed skirts, the challenge arose to improve the procedure for changing the piece: How To Improve Your Bedding With wrap around bed skirt?

wrap around bed skirtThe question itself contains the answer: Wrap-around. When you add wrap to a bed skirt, it becomes versatile enough to replace it without the effort of lifting the mattress. You just need to carefully place the corners of the bed skirt on each corner of your bed. Move it to the height you want and you're done. The weekly change of bed skirt will be as simple as like of a fitted bed sheet. You will be able to redecorate your bedroom as often as you wish as your bed skirt is the focal point in the decoration. You could move from beautiful spring lilac fields to warm California orange groves and even enter the wild oceans. All this by replacing your wrap around bed skirt lilac, with another orange or even a navy blue. The anti-stain and color fixation treatments applied to this product guarantee the immutability of the shade of your choice. Choose the color you want Your imagination will have no limits

All the products manufactured by our brand have been elaborated by applying the latest trends in textile research. This is because wrap around bed skirts have all the advantages of intelligent fabrics. They are fabrics that respond to environmental factors. Made of satin cotton, they offer the exquisite finish of a weave of 300 to 400 threads, depending on the collection you choose. The anti-pilling treatment certifies that the fabric will keep its texture without accumulating residues of fibers that protrude from the fabric. Micro porous polymer membranes were incorporated into the structure of the fabric to stop the passage of dust. Additionally was overlaid with micro capsules that eliminate pathogenic micro particles on contact.

As it is a decorative piece par excellence, the quality of the elastic is fundamental. Therefore, our designers have placed special emphasis on ensuring the firm hold is essential to provide stability and strength to your bed skirt. 15 drop length options are available in our wrap-around bed skirt collection.

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